Tour Dixie Campus—from anywhere

Explore Dixie campus with a virtual experience that lets you see everything as if you were here. Learn about the various buildings, locations, and services offered for students on campus.

Holland Centennial Commons

The HCC provides many different services and department offerings for students. The first floor houses advisory services, the cashier’s office, the student library, and new student services. Freshmen and other incoming students can go here as they start their journey at Dixie to learn about program offerings and get answers to their questions. This is also the home of the English Department.

Student advisement

Academic advisors can help students find answers to their questions and plan their academic path.


Students can take advantage of free resources, open study areas, and computer labs.

Gardner Student Center

The Gardner Student Center was built in 1994 and is the center of student life. The center offers campus activities and student services year round, including presenting student and local community performances, inviting performers from all over the country, hosting school dances, and inviting local political caucuses. Students and guests can come stock up on supplies and Dixie gear at the bookstore.

Dixie Bookstore

Purchase textbooks and Dixie gear for sporting and social events.

Student life

Attend Dixie student dances, art and public performances, and other campus events.

Udvar-Hazy Building

Built in 1996, the Udvar-Hazy building is the home of the business program, one of the four-year degrees offered at Dixie. The Boeing auditorium is one of the largest classrooms offered on campus and is used for multiple departments at Dixie. Many student clubs and associations also meet here and are advised by faculty members.

Student clubs and associations

Join a club with faculty sponsors or be a part of a student association, such as student government.

The College of Business and Communication

Students can pursue studies in business and communication at Dixie. Explore all of the colleges with the Dixie Pathfinder.

The Eccles Fine Arts Center

The EFAC was completed in 2004 and is the home of the theatre and fine arts department, including the art, theater, dance, and music programs. The main area contains an open community art gallery where students, faculty, and community members can show their work to the world.

The Theater and Fine Arts Department

Students can pursue an education in art, theater, dance, and music. Explore more departments with the Dixie Pathfinder.

Community gallery

The public can walk through this gallery showcasing work from current students, faculty, and community members.